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TSH - 82 - The Duke of Permaculture Part 2 - Paul Wheaton

Published by: DREW SAMPLE on 08-01-2015

On this episode of The Sample Hour, I am joined by the Duke of Permaculture, the Bad Boy of Permaculture and the host of THe Homestead and Permaculture Podcast. He is the owner of,, and He also has a great YouTube subscribe and review. Mr Paul Wheaton.


On this episode Paul and I continue our conversation and talk more about the origin of permaculture. Paul and I continue our conversation a discuss lasagna beds and how they are better than a lot of solutions but how they are not the ideal solution most of the time. We also discuss my plots of land and what Paul would do in my situation.

Due to time constraints, I cut Paul off of why lasagna beds are bad and we finish out the show discussing all the wonderful things Paul has going on at Wheaton Labs.

Keywords: Paul Wheaton,,, Permaculture, Hugelkultur,

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