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TSH - 85 - Profitable Urban Farming - Curtis Stone

Published by: DREW SAMPLE on 09-15-2015

On this episode I was had the pleasure of having on Curtis Stone.
Curtis is an entrepreneur, successful urban farmer, a teacher and mentor, and published author. Order his book.
Curtis and I begin the show by going into Curtis's back story and how he used to be a professional musician living in Montreal, after Curtis had enough of playing music and partying he began studying Bill Mollison, Elliot Coleman and many others and decided that the best way he could make a difference for himself and the environment was through growing food.
Curtis and I then discuss how he was influenced by Jean-Martin Fortier, how his obsession of making good compost help build his relationship with his now restaurant clientele, the benefits of shameless self promotion, how Curtis has positively influenced people through business, how Curtis has grown as a person with his business, and the importance of learning and understanding Pareto's Principle.

If you enjoy this podcast I highly recommend that you you sign up for Curtis's online course at

Keywords: TUF, Permaculture Voices, Urban Farming, Grow Food, Entrepreneurship, Green City Acres, Curtis Stone, Anarchism, Voluntarism

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