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TSH - 109 - The Pemaculture Student - Matt Powers

Published by: DREW SAMPLE on 04-19-2016


On this episode of The Sample Hour, I am joined by Matt Powers. Matt Powers is an experienced teacher, family guy, author, consultant, farmer, seed saver, plant breeder, musician, blogger, & permaculturist. Matt has a masters degree in education, a bachelor's degree in british & american literature from New York University, teaching credentials in both English and History for the state of California, & a certificate in permaculture design from Geoff Lawton's online permaculture design course. Matt speaks at conferences often about permaculture. He has spoken at the National Heirloom Expo, Soil Not Oil, A Place for Sustainability, San Diego Heirloom Seed Swap, SLOLA, Permaculture Voices, Baker Creek's Spring Planting Festival, Valley Home Educators convention, CoCo San Sustainable Farm, A Place for Sustainability, CVCUE, Colleges, & Schools.

I invited Matt on the show to help promote his new Kickstarter campaign The Permaculture Student 2. Matt and I discuss his journey from being a musician to becoming a permaculturalist. Check out Matt's podcast Permaculture Tonight. Watch both the 1at and 2nd PBS videos Matt and his farm were featured in. Check out Matt's work at

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