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Failing Forward: PUFAP - 13 - Scott Hebert, Drew Sample

Published by: DREW SAMPLE on 06-10-2016


On this episode of Failing Forward Scott and I discuss everything we got done. We begin the podcast with me talking about how tired i was. I poorly timed harvesting my microgreen harvesting and I was up all night packaging microgreens and left a lot of money on the table because i couldnt package them all and sold out at one of our farmers markets. Scott talks about his first farmers market and how it is 9-2pm which is super long. Scott then talks about how he got his irrigation installed and how he was down on himself after the farmer's market but then put things in perspective and realized how he is doing really well for his first year.

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Keywords: Profitable Urban Farming, Young Agrarians, Market Gardening, Flavourful Farms, Capital City Gardens

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