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TSH - 126 - HELP Episode 7: Rebooted Body with Kevin Geary

Published by: DREW SAMPLE on 11-03-2016

Kevin Geary, is a health coach, blogger, podcaster and creator of Rebooted Body. As he states on Rebooted Body, Kevin is a “leading authority on the psychology of eating. He and his team have helped men and women in over 30 countries around the world get a body and life they love.” Kevin has been there. struggling with is weight since he was a teenager: thin and unhealthy. He used to have really low energy and was addicted to sugar and sugary drinks. Kevin discovered the “Real Food Movement” and lost 40 pounds. It wasn’t until he examined his mindset and understood the “why” behind his eating patterns and confronted those issues that he broke the cycle and started living a healthier lifestyle.


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