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TSH - 23 - Street Economics - Andrew Miller (Mind Novelty)

Published by: DREW SAMPLE on 05-24-2013

My guest for this episode had a paper route at the age of 6, underground cereal & cinnamon toothpick store in 6th grade, underground betting ring in shop class in 8th for NFL playoffs & Final Four. Undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a Masters degree in International Trade & Development. Traveled to 4 of 7 continents, lived/traveled extensively in Mexico, owed an International Trade business, conducted grant funded research on globalization, and now defending liberty in the basement of the Alamo. And I adjunct profess and work on startups on the side. Sometime known as Mind Novelty Andrew Miller.

Andrew and I discuss my sales background, podcasting, The success of the Bryan Callen show in San Antonio and just the wild ride of deathsquad. Listen to Mind Novelty's podcast it can still be found on Stitcher.

Keywords: Economics, Network Marketing, Libertarianism, DeathSquad

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