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TSH - 34 - Intellectual and Empathetic Lenses - Darrell Becker Part 2

Published by: DREW SAMPLE on 12-20-2013

On this episode of The Sample Hour, I am joined by Darrell Becker. Darrell Becker, MSOM, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist living on the Big Island of Hawaii. He has been a professor of western and eastern medical classes at the Hawaii College of Oriental Medicine ( since 2012. Darrell is proficient in a wide variety of diagnostic methods including measuring disturbances of subtle energies of the body, which involves measurement of muscle strength and weakness, range of motion testing, respiratory testing and other methods. He is familiar and capable with a wide array of therapies including electro-medicine techniques, acupuncture, moxibustion, structural work, dietary, herbal and nutritional supplement testing and administration, as well as many other forms of treatment.

Darrell Becker runs the blog Voluntary Visions which puts focus on the intellectual lenses of the Trivium method of critical thinking, Voluntary Communication, the Non-Aggression Principle, as well as other lenses, so as to create internal and interpersonal emotional and intellectual equilibrium. Darrell discusses with me the skills of the Trivium Method of critical thinking in conjunction with the skills of using Voluntary Communication (NVC), in order to produce greater inner and interpersonal, intellectual and empathetic equilibrium. Darrell has written an essay on the topic, which we'll go over including, the the "4D's" of disconnected communication, using logic and grammar scans, removing personal cognitive dissonance, building bridges of empathy and understanding "emotional and mental splinters." Hasty generalizations, psychological intrusion, demands and deserve oriented language are examples of diagnoses that are unrequested and will not help you build bridges with others. Download his essay.

Keywords: NVC, Trivium Method, Acupuncture, Critical thinking.

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